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Birth Record
Birth Record Birth Record
Birth Record
Birth Record
Birth Record
Birth Record
Birth Record

USA Official Federal Birth Record Provider
for the first time on the internet!

Public Records API
We are providing white label API, allowing programmatic access to huge USA public records database. This intuitive service offers you customized solutions so that you can easily get hold of records you are looking for to your benefit.

USA Public records API consists of -
  • Birth (approx 1.6 million records)
  • Death (59.76 million records)
  • Marriage (8.5 million records)
  • Divorce (4.1 million records)
  • Court (0.2 million records)
  • Census & Family History (3.1 million records)
  • Obituary & Cemetery (0.6 million records)
  • Land & property (0.6 million records)
  • Military (World War I & II, Civil War) & Service Records ( around 1.4 million)
  • Adoption (0.3 million records)
  • People Records (14.8 million)
  • Inmate & Jail records (Daily Updated)
  • Crime & Criminal Records (Daily Updated)
It's fast and reliable interface, regularly updating, upgrading and adding new data.

API Services Offer:
  • Dedicated Data Processing Server
  • Secure & Private Data Handling
  • Strong Backhand & Responsive Technical Support
  • XML or JSON format

API – White Pages
  • Search name, residential address and contact info and other specifics in White Pages databases.
  • Can search by name, contact no or address.
  • Check XML output example
For more details about Public Records API, visit

Birth Record available in every USA States Including :

Alabama Birth Record
Alaska Birth Record
Arizona Birth Record
Arkansas Birth Record
California Birth Record
Colorado Birth Record
Connecticut Birth Record
Delaware Birth Record
Florida Birth Record
Georgia Birth Record
Hawaii Birth Record
Idaho Birth Record
Illinois Birth Record
Indiana Birth Record
Iowa Birth Record
Kansas Birth Record
Kentucky Birth Record
Louisiana Birth Record
Maine Birth Record
Maryland Birth Record
Massachusetts Birth Record
Michigan Birth Record
Minnesota Birth Record
Mississippi Birth Record
Missouri Birth Record
Montana Birth Record
Nebraska Birth Record
Nevada Birth Record
New Hampshire Birth Record
New Jersey Birth Record
New Mexico Birth Record
New York Birth Record
North Carolina Birth Record
North Dakota Birth Record
Ohio Birth Record
Oklahoma Birth Record
Oregon Birth Record
Pennsylvania Birth Record
Rhode Island Birth Record
South Carolina Birth Record
South Dakota Birth Record
Tennessee Birth Record
Texas Birth Record
Utah Birth Record
Vermont Birth Record
Virginia Birth Record
Washington Birth Record
West Virginia Birth Record
Wisconsin Birth Record
Wyoming Birth Record

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Birth Record
Birth Record

Birth Record

Why do I need to check birth records ?

  • A birth certificate is the first official document that is made once we are born and is used for a variety of purposes throughout our life. If we wish to join a school or college, we will need to produce our birth certificate; if we need a driver’s license, the issuing authority will ask for the birth certificate; if we need a passport, a birth record is mandatory for passport issuance. There are many more purposes necessitating birth record in our lives.

  • If you are checking a background of someone you suspect, the use of birth records in your investigation can prove vital. This is because you get to know information such as their date of birth, place of birth, parents name, name of the physicians, adoption records etc and such information will not generally be known to you unless you are very close to the person. Going on a blind date? By searching birth records, you can uncover whether Mr. or Ms. Right is being honest about his or her age.

  • Also, if you are doing a genealogical research and trying to solve the inadequacies of your family tree, the birth records of your grandparents and great grandparents can be pivotal to achieve the desired end result.

Birth RecordBirth Record